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  First and foremost, I shall extend my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Hu Zhijun, for his patient and precious instructions. During the process of this translation practice, he did give me a lot of help. On the one hand, he helped me to check and examine the source text to ensure that the author’s understanding was correct. On the other hand, he guided me in writing this translation report. What impressed me most was his attitude towards work and study. Without his insightful suggestions and help, I was unable to finish this translation task successfully.

  Secondly, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have taught me or given me advice on my studies or daily life. They have helped me a lot when I was confronted with confusions or difficulties. It was their kindness and care that made me study and live happily in Shandong University.

  Thirdly, my heart-felt thanks also go to my classmates and roommates who helped me a lot in the completion of this paper. I was grateful for Lu Songdian, Xie Zhiguo, and Zhao Ruizhi who have helped me polish the draft of the translation. Thanks to their hard work and kindhearted help, I was able to make the translation readable and acceptable.

  Last but not least, I would like to express my thanks to my beloved parents for their unfailing love and support. For so many years, they have always been supporting me and respecting me. Their love and care are the greatest fortune of my life.

  ——By Zhangyan 《A Report on the Translation of Chapter XI of the Tender Documents for Zimbabwe Parliament Building Assistance Project》


  Firstly, my foremost thanks go to my supervisor, Professor Li Jieping who has given me numerous important suggestions and invaluable guidance during the period of my thesis writing. Her wonderful lectures arouse my strong interest in the study of American literature and she maintains an efficient communication with me to ensure that I can complete the thesis smoothly. Then, I am indebted to her, not just for her supervisory aid but also for her encouragement, wisdom, and friendship over the last three years.

  Secondly, my heart-felt thanks also go to Professor Wang Juli and Professor Zhang Fuyong, for their valuable advice and their excellent courses which have nurtured my passion for literature and brought lots of benefits to me. My sincere thanks are also extended to many other respected professors of School of Foreign Languages, Ludong University, especially Professor Chen Zongli, Professor Xiu Xudong and Professor Jia Zhengchuan for their inspiring and insightful lectures.

  Thirdly, I would also like to express my sincere thanks to my lovely classmates who have provided me a great deal of help and encouragement during these three years. Particularly, I want to thank my dear roommates Wu Hua, Li Keying and Cui Siyan for their invariable encouragement and friendship.

  Finally, I am very grateful to my parents. Only with their selfless support, concern and love, can I overcome those difficulties and pursue my study till now. Their loving considerations and helps are the source of my strength.

  ——By Lu Fenghua 《A Study on Evolution of Male-female Relationship in Hemingway’s War Novels from the Perspective of Androgyny》


  This honor thesis is a gift for my four-year undergraduate career. I started to study US history at Shandong Normal University. To pursue a better education, I transferred to University at Albany, State University of New York, in my junior year. The experience of international moves has generated my research interest in Asian American history and immigration history of the twentieth century. I am enchanted by the myth of "model minority" and the epic of social movements. Through this journey, I find historians can advance contemporary social justice by revealing what we did in the past.

  Without the following professors, I would not complete this thesis. Professor Carl Bon Tempo, who met me once a week, is lavish in his praise and constructive criticism for my research. His enlightening advisement guides me to the wonderland of political history writing. Professor Christopher Pastore supervises me working hard at the right pace. His weekly comments on my drafts are priceless. Professor Richard Hamm, Professor Xiu Sun, and Professor David Hochfelder gave me insightful suggestions, especially Professor Michitake Aso taught me to keep integrity forever.

  I appreciate all librarians, archivists, and curators who helped me selflessly. Some of them told me the locations of primary sources with enthusiasm. Although I never meet others, their emails saved my time. Research travels were unforgettable adventures for me. Reading archives attracts me a lot, and I believe it will be my life-time pleasure.

  I thank all commenters and attendees from academic conferences in which I participated. Their revising suggestions clarified my research approaches, interesting me in academia. I enjoy the interaction with such knowledgeable and modest historians and dream of becoming one of them.

  This research received funding from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement of SUNY Albany's Undergraduate Research Grants and the History Department's Research Travel Award. The History Department also awards this thesis William T. Reedy Prize. I extend my gratitude to their recognition and support.

  My dearest family gave me the most reliable backing. My mother, Yuan You, educates me anytime and sponsors my study abroad. My father, Wei Zhang, never misses any of my highlights and reminds me when I am arrogant. Papa and Mama, I love you.

  Finally, I dedicate this thesis to my grandfather, whose name is Ruchun You. Ruchun means "like spring" in Chinese. Unfortunately, he left us last summer when I searched archives in New York City. He taught me resilience and getting along with people. He would always stay in spring and bless our family.






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